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Single: Hey You

“Hey You“ (2021) is a groovy new rock tune with a catchy hook that lingers in the memory. This is rounded off by Nick’s charismatic voice, powerful drums, smooth bass, and driven electric guitars. The track systematically transitions to stripped-back sections that utilize a tom-based drum progression to support the prominent main vocal line.

As the lyrics are simplistic in a sense, the overall theme and meaning of the song rings true and shows an even deeper underlying message. With a catalog of music that is as diverse as the best of artists, Nick Lexington continues to release fantastic music, with ‘Hey You’ becoming another brilliant addition.

The single was produced by Chris Kling. The music video for ‘Hey You’ was shot by filmmaker, Gianluca Ravior inside the Hamburg landmark Old Elbe Tunnel amongst other sites in this harbor area.

Although the main hook features driven electric guitars, a foundational bass and rhythmic percussion, the track systematically transitions to stripped back sections, check out 1:11 to 1:40, that utilise a tom based drum progression to support the prominent main vocal line; delivering just the right amount of dynamic diversity to ensure that the single is engaging from start to finish. By the time ‘Hey You’ draws to a close, you’ll find yourself humming along with the catchy hook and in need of hitting that repeat button for another listen.


Nick Lexington brings Hey You, a song that can be identified not only musically but also visually as a narrative journey…it has the right rhythm to express a slow song but with the premise of moving forward until it explodes…

(Nick Lexington trae Hey You, una canción que se puede identificar no solo musicalmente sino también visualmente como un viaje narrativo…expresar una canción lenta pero con la premisa de avanzar hasta que explote con bastante facilida…


Single: Sad Beautiful Girl

“Sad Beautiful Girl“ (2020) is a rock ballad with a melodious tune. This is rounded off by Nick’s charismatic voice, powerful drums, and virtuoso electric guitar. The track enthralls with exhilarating rhythm changes combined with a bluesy influence. A rousing finale is created by the dynamic and long ending final part with guitar solo and atmospheric vocals.

The longing for escape from everyday life is realized in the song’s lyrics through the saving offer of the key figure. The listeners of “Sad Beautiful Girl” will be whisked off to dreamily escape for a short time and will feel settled into another world full of energy.

Sein neues Werk “Sad Beautiful Girl” geht als Rockballade mit Blues-Elementen einen anderen, nicht minder interessanten Weg.
[His new song “Sad Beautiful Girl” takes a different, no less interesting approach as a rock ballad with blues elements.]
Wiesbadener Kurier – zwischen Feuertanz und Tarantino-Soundtrack.pdf

Julia Anderton

Wiesbadener Kurier (Germany)

Single: In The Flow

In the released single „In The Flow”, Nick mainly chose electronic sounds and beats to create a song that stirs you to shake your body. The song describes a flow state that Nick also knows and experiences productively: Having an idea and at the same time intuitively feeling the irrepressible energy in the creative flow, and to be able to immediately realize it. This flow has often been the beginning and the strength behind his artistic work, professional or private projects.

“In The Flow” describes how a day in such a flow state begins with energy and power and lasts – often into the night. Mix and Master of this single was finalized in Miami by Austin Leeds. The music video for “In The Flow” was creatively and innovatively realized by filmmaker, Sebastian Spohr, via 360 degree camera. Nick is the main actor in the video, which shows how he effortlessly runs in a fast flow through a day in the flow state.

You need to watch this experimental new music video by Nick Lexington.

Nick Lexington has just released the experimental 360-degree video for his brand new electronic song ‘In The Flow’ and we are obsessed.

Michael Di Iorio

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Ultimately, I’d definitely recommend giving this one a shot, particularly if you are a fan of artists such as Neil Young, Trent Reznor, and Radiohead, among others. This is the kind of track that will surprise you for its sonic variety, and it will keep you on the edge of your seat due to its catchy, yet unpredictable arrangement.

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Ein Wiesbadener rennt durch die Straßen der Stadt und filmt sich mit einer Kamera, die einen großen Teil der Orte um ihn herum aufnimmt. Sein Musikvideo zeigt Wiesbaden aus einer neuen Perspektive.

Michelle Sensel


Single: Give Me A Kiss

The music style in the single, “Give Me a Kiss” is best described as a possible soundtrack for a road movie in the style of Quentin Tarantino. The song, in the Retro-Americana genre, comes across as calm and cool: while the sound of a broad, vibrating electric guitar dominates at the beginning, and builds up tension, afterwards the song becomes more relaxed – accompanied by a softer western-harmonica.

Sideman Jeff Roberts played the rock guitar. The Hamburg producer, Dirk Bewig worked on the mix and rhythm section. The mastering was completed in Los Angeles by Tyler Spratt, who has already worked with the Dave Matthews Band, Moby and Snoop Dogg.

Fans of artists such as Damien Rice, Fionn Regan or Elliott Smith will definitely enjoy Nick’s music, as well as his ability to combine honest songwriting with great hooks. “Give Me A Kiss” has a really direct arrangement, with a great flavor and a unique “less-is-more” vibe, which really works in this case!

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The music style of this song is best described as a possible Soundtrack for a road movie in the style of Quentin Tarantino.

The Vibe

Su último single se llama “Give me a kiss”, un tema que suena a banda sonora de película de Tarantino, y también a nuestro adorado Chris Isaak, también a Iron & Wine o Neil Young.


EP Wellbeing

In the end of 2016 and assisted by producer Dirk Bewig, keyboardist of the successful The Doors – tribute band ‘The Doors of Perception’, he recorded songs in a studio in connection with band arrangements for the first time. Nick Lexington experienced the collaboration as very inspiring as he enjoys the music of The Doors and finds the targeted use of organ sounds appealing. The collaborative work was focused on further instrumentalizing and recording songs that were initially planned to consist of guitar sounds and vocals. The bonustrack ‘Tibet’ gives an impression of an original version as an acoustic version.

Nick Lexington has been writing many songs about topics such as love and relationships before. Although with his new EP he also wanted to explore new emotions which are equally as human as deeply touching: What does it feel like to overcome changes while going through dark phases (‘What is it?’), successfully completing projects (‘Success’) and finally feeling good again (‘Song of Wellbeing’)? The last-mentioned song also turned out to be the title of the EP ‘Wellbeing’.

For the piece ‘Tibet’ Lexington has been inspired by the autobiographical text ‘Seven years in Tibet’ (original title ‘Sieben Jahre in Tibet’) by Heinrich Harrer. Nick considers the long journey and the unplanned time abroad which is described by Harrer, as a metaphor for life. As well as with an arduous journey, emotions of joy and new perspectives in live can only be achieved through challenging projects. The feelings of pain are all too often in a close relationship to feelings of joy and luck.

Nick Lexington’s ‘Wellbeing EP’ released less than a month ago, is an honest and revealing body of work from the German musician, who’s actually done an excellent job in writing and executing a very humble, charismatic and somewhat biopic project.
It’s a pleasure and a privilege to have Nick Lexington’s ‘Wellbeing EP’ in our current collection, make sure you add it to yours! You won’t regret it.

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